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Item Price
Most Garments $3.99 Ea. - No Limit!
Men's Shirts $1.49 Ea. - No Limit!
Police Uniforms $5.00 (2pc)
Dresses $6 and Up
Sports Jerseys $6.00 Ea.
Coats (regular and 3/4) $8.00 and Up
Overcoats and RainCoats $12.00 and Up
Twin/Full Comforter $30.00 Ea.
Queen/King Comforter $35.00 Ea.
Most professional attire may be cleaned in our highly efficient, automated process, e.g., the majority of shirts, blouses, pants, vests, sweaters, jackets, and more. However, some items require extra attention during the cleaning process, e.g., dresses, coats, etc. Including these prices, our customers still typically save 50% or more compared to other cleaners. Listed are some of our more popular items, but we pretty much clean everything, including leathers, household items, and more. Visit our store for additional information and prices.
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Your fast and green dry cleaners

We take pride in expediency at our Bay Area plant—it is how we satisfy customers at all five of our locations. Plus, not only are we fast, we're also green! We clean with two highly efficient machines that use an eco-friendly solution, SYSTEMK4! It's eco-friendly and an exceptionally safe cleaning solution. Our SYSTEMK4 process does not pose a risk to air, water, human beings and soil.

Testimonials, the word around town

I love Dollar Cleaners. Their prices are super cheap and their service is incredible. Their turn around is always quick and they will get clothes to you faster if you need. My clothes are always returned to me cleaned and pressed, it's like getting brand new clothes! I would highly recommend them.

A very affordable place that can get your clothes cleaned and pressed in just two days. Bring at least 15-20 shirts every two weeks or so and never had a single problem. Got my pants hemmed and washed - still in great condition. Customer service is excellent - very friendly and easy to talk to. The prepay portion does not bother me - most other places are at least twice the cost.

Great Customer Service. Decent turn around time. I used to pay 5x for the same exact results. I bring my suits and dress shirts here all the time!

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We're just off the 880 Freeway where the 92 and Santa Clara St meet.