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Sleeping Bag Dry Cleaning Coupon–20% Off in May 2024
Sleeping bags feeling a bit drab? Get 20% off cleaning Sleeping Bags at Dollar Cleaners - that's a fact! - Learn more

Every Day Low Prices - Save up to 50% or more!

Most professional attire may be cleaned in our efficient, automated process. This means big savings for you!

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  • Dry Cleaning
  • Men's Dress Shirts
  • Laundry
  • Household Items
  • Alterations & more!

Green Dry Cleaners

We clean with two highly efficient machines that use an eco-friendly solution, SYSTEMK4! It's eco-friendly and an exceptionally safe cleaning solution.

Fast Turnaround

We take pride in expediency at our Bay Area plant. Most locations have a two day turnaround. Same day service is available at our dry cleaning plant.

Special Discounts

We also offer special discounts by email. Join our Dry Cleaning Specials news list  for updates on seasonal discounts.


Locations | Three Bay Area Dry Cleaners

For smaller, consumer orders, visit one of our dry cleaners in the San Francisco East Bay.

Commercial Laundry & Bulk Dry Cleaning

Commercial laundry & dry cleaning services for first responsders, local businesses and organizations–Fast • Reliable • Eco-friendly & Economical

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