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Shirt & Blouse Dry Cleaning Coupon–Save 20% July 2024
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Featured Prices | Every Day Specials

Below are our every day low prices available at our dry cleaners. Special pricing available on select items at some dry cleaners. Visit a location for details.

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Commercial Laundry & Bulk Cleaning

We also offer commercial laundry contracts and estimates for businesses, organizations–e.g., pro sport team player and staff uniforms, school band uniforms, shop rags, salon and spa towels, hotels linens, etc.

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Most Dry Cleaning Items
$6.75 Each

Dry cleaning and pressing. Includes most garments/ professional attire.

Men's Laundered Shirts
$3.50 Each

Men’s dress shirts: laundered, pressed and starched. We work real fast!

Premium Men's Shirt Service
$6.75 Each

Get premium service for your men's shirts. Includes spot cleaning and hand pressing.

Wash & Fold Laundry
$3.25 Pr lb

Wash & Fold Laundry service, fast and low cost.

Comforters Starting at
$33.00 Each

Most twin & full comforters, $33 each; queen & king, $35! Heavy/down items vary.

Pants Hemmed
$14 Each

We can hem your slacks at a great low price. Also, jeans are only $12!

Alterations, Dresses
& More Call us!

Suit, tux, jackets, skirts, formal or prom dress altered by pros–best tailors in the East Bay.

More Everyday Low Prices

Item Price
Police Uniforms
(Contracts for Stations/Departments - Learn more )
$11 (2pc)
Dresses $10.75 and Up
Sports Jerseys $9.75 and Up
Coats (regular and 3/4) $16.50 and Up
Overcoats and Rain Coats $17.50 and Up
Twin/Full Comforter $33.00 and Up
Queen/King Comforter $35.00 and Up

Low Dry Cleaning Prices & Laundry Prices

Most professional attire may be cleaned in our highly efficient, automated process, e.g., the majority of shirts, blouses, pants, vests, sweaters, jackets, and more. However, some items require extra attention during the cleaning process, e.g., dresses, coats, etc. Including these prices, our customers still typically save 50% or more compared to other cleaners. Listed above are some of our more popular items, but we pretty much clean everything, including leathers, household items, and more. Visit a store for additional information and prices.

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