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Dry Cleaning Coupon for Coats and Rain Coats

Get Toasty, Cozy, Clean and Loaded for the New Year–Save 20% Dry Cleaning Your Raincoats and Heavy Coats

It’s even more chilly since our last coat promotion in November. Not “more chilly” like “more” sensational spicy tacos, but freezing winter chilly cold. Since it’s now rainy, freezing, icy, bonechilling cold…and you got eggnog, taco sauce, champagne and confetti all over your winter coat…it’s time to get it cleaned for the rest of winter!

Remember what we said it November?

Imagine stepping from your heated house into that slicing, frigid air–but, you’re safe. You’re in your fluffy, warm and clean coat. That’s right. Clean. You’re toasty, cozy, feeling good and clean. You then reach in your pocket. Oh, what’s that? Ah yeah, lots and lots of dollars. You’re loaded!
–Dollar Cleaners, November 2021 Coat Coupon Special

Well, the same goes for January.

We can help you with the cleaning. Plus we got just the promotion to save you your hard earned cash. Start your New Years warm, cozy and loaded!

Save BIG–Get 20% Off cleaning your winter, raincoats and heavy coats at Dollar Cleaners.

Visit one of our three East Bay dry cleaners. Simply show this web page (via your phone) when checking out. It represents your coupon!

Offer expires: January 31, 2022

Coupon Details–The Fine Print

This 20% Additional Savings promotion is valid until January 31, 2022. There is no limit to the number of coats per customer. To redeem your discount present this web page on your phone when dropping off your order. All discounted orders must be prepaid. Not valid with other offers or promotions.

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