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Scarf Special Dry Cleaning Coupon–Save 20% October 2022

Scarf Cleaning Coupon, Dog wearing scarf.

Save 20% on cleaning scarfs with our October 2022 Scarf Dry Cleaning Coupon. That’s 20% off our already low price. Whether it’s your scarf, or your best friend’s…or every single one of your best friend’s friends’ scarfs from the park–there’s no limit. We got you covered for a fresh start this fall!

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Save an Extra 15% on Your Dry Cleaning Order in February

You will save up to 50% or more every day on your dry cleaning with us. This savings is based on our regular, every-day low prices. Now, for a limited time, save an additional 15% on your prepaid dry cleaning order! Visit one of our three East Bay dry cleaners, and simply show this coupon on your phone when checking out.

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Heavy Coat & Raincoat Dry Cleaning Coupon–20% Off in January 2022

It’s even more chilly since our last coat promotion in November. Not “more chilly” like “more” sensational spicy tacos, but freezing winter chilly cold. Since it’s now rainy, freezing, icy, bonechilling cold…and you got eggnog, taco sauce, champagne and confetti all over your winter coat…it’s time to get it cleaned for the rest of winter!

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